Wednesday, 30 March 2016

TFOG March: P'ffff't

Last month's entry for a Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers consisted of a small unit of Troglodytes. These stinky dudes needed a leader, so this month I present you with:

P'ffff't - Troglodyte level 5 hero

The particular spelling of his name is very important - he gains an extra "f" for every member of his unit. Currently this stands at four, so he has four "fs". This is an ancient tradition among Troglodytes, although much beyond four it becomes a bit superfluous, given the extreme stupidity of Troglodytes.

This guy weighs in at 86 points. Not quite the 100 for the month, but I over-compensated for that last month by having a 176 point, four Troglodyte unit. Here he is in a nice group shot chilling with his homies:

So now I have to face up to reality. There is nowhere left to turn. Next month, the Slann are coming...

Why not check out the losers my buddies' efforts this month:


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Another sculpt: Swae-zee, Chaos Champion of Slaanesh

Back at the end of December I shared an image of my first sculpt, and now I've returned to the greenstuff for another bash at this highly enjoyable pursuit. I present to you Swae-zee, Chaos Champion of Slaanesh:

Now, you may well be thinking "WTF" at this point, so I think a little context is in order, together with a few notes as to how I tackled this sculpt.

My first sculpt was a fairly heavily armoured chaos warrior, so I thought on this occasion it would be worth trying to sculpt something with a bit more flesh on view so that I could practice musculature. My first thought was to sculpt a barbarian, but I kept being drawn back to chaos. I looked through various illustration in the old Citadel books and catalogues and happened upon this one in the first Citadel Compendium (circa 1983):

A wonderful cyclopean chaos mutant, I suspect from the talented Mr. Akland.

My first job was to create a simple armature, and I used some very useful Youtube tutorials for this. I then started work on the torso, and it quickly became apparent that this guy was going to be a bit more "ripped" (is that the correct term?) than the one in illustration. This was partly due to the way I sculpt, which is to correct odd looking bits of sculpt as I go along, adding layers of greenstuff. No problem I told myself.

Next I added the arms and upper tentacles. At this point the intention was to keep just one pair of tentacles.

Then came the head, minus the hair. At this stage I took a step back and wondered if hair would work so well. I think part of the reason that the straggly hair works well in the illustration is that the creature's body is quite withered itself. How would straggly hair work with a ripped body? I decided to take the plunge...

I think its fair to say that the addition of the hair totally transformed the figure. Whether that be for good or ill, I'll let you judge! But I was quite pleased with how the hair ended up, even if it was not the effect I was aiming for initially.

Next came the legs. By the time I got to the hands I had pretty much had enough, and I wasn't in the mood for attempting to sculpt hands. So I took the decision to sculpt two more tentacles. Due to their rather unfortunate positioning I found that no matter where I placed the tentacles the eventual pose appeared rather...shall we say "suggestive" what you see is the most "innocent" pose I could achieve.

He has to be a Slaanesh champion of course (a Level 25 Hero), and here are his stats and chaos attributes:

Overall I'm pleased with this figure, even given the places that need improvement and its slightly odd appearance. I think I managed to get the size and proportions of the figure almost right, as this comparison pic shows: